Comic for Education

Comic book is getting more popular nowadays. Children and also adults like reading it. Modern Comic Book Reviews was inadvertently born by two employees at the Eastern Color Printing Company who collected a number of popular newspaper comic strips and arranged them into a tabloid-sized magazine (Wright, 2001). Since 1933, the year when the two employees gave birth to the modern comic, comic has become more and more popular.Music and film have been commonly used as media in  learning process. But comic has not. Although comic is relished by many people of different ages, hundreds of people believe that comic is not good for children. Most comics, indeed, contain bad things that parents are worry if their children will imitate the bad attitude they find in them.

But actually, comic had been used as learning media. Robert Thorndike partnered with DC Comics and Harold Downes created a language arts workbook that starred Superman (Sones, 1944). American educators also designed comics-supported curriculum. But it did not take long time. People started believing that comic was responsible to juvenile delinquency. Others believed that comics impeded reading comprehension, imagination, and caused eyestrain (Dorrell, Curtis, & Rampal, 1995).

How Did The Marvel Comics Come About?

  What is it about Marvel Comics that we can’t resist? Comic book historian Greg Theakston, who knew comic book creator Steve Ditko personally, said that the artist saw “The Amazing Spider-Man” as semi-autobiographical. “Spiderman was the culmination of everything Ditko was up until that moment,” Theakston wrote. “Ditko had personal ties to the character. When people started to ‘manipulate him’ into bringing in more romance into the strip and changing the direction, Ditko felt slighted, crushed … they were telling him how to do it. He wouldn’t be told.”

It’s that sense of self that comes across on the pages of a Marvel Comic; the deep psychological dimensions, the obtuse parallels to real-world problems and struggles, the innate desire to be a little superhuman from time to time.

Marvel Comics began as Timely Publications in 1939, founded by Martin Goodman who started Western, Mystery and Science Fiction pulp magazine in 1933. Graphic novels were becoming the next hottest thing, so publisher Goodman added an editor, managing editor and business manager and moved into an office on West 42nd Street in New York City.

The first publication was Marvel Comics # 1 starring the Human Torch (Carl Burgos) and Namor the Sub-Mariner (Bill Everett). Their real blockbuster comic book series was Joe Simon and legendary Jack Kirby’s Captain America (debuting as “Captain America Comics #1″ in March 1941), which sold nearly 1 million copies!

The bulk of the memorable Marvel Comics came out during the 1960s under Stan Lee’s creative direction, featuring the unique illustrating styles of iconoclastic Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk and Silver Surfer all emerged during this time. Over the next few decades, Marvel attempted to diversify into other lines intended for more mature audiences.

Management shifted, cartoons and films were made, trading cards and merchandise were issued; and so the empire began. In 1991, junk bonds were offered by the owners, putting the company in jeopardy of bankruptcy. After narrowly escaping this dire fate, Marvel Comic creators began diversifying with different offshoots again, with “Ultimate Marvel” (to reinvent their old characters for a new generation), “MAX” (for mature readers) and “Marvel Age” (for younger audiences), which has helped them endure over the years.

The success of the “Spiderman” and “X-Men” movies has renewed interest in the Marvel comic publications in recent years too.

Marvel comics has adapted with the times. Last year, they focused on pertinent post-9/11 issues in their “Civil War” comic book series where X-Men, Captain America, Spiderman and others suffered a breech of their liberties, having to register their secret identities with the government. The X-Men and Spiderman heroes and villains have undergone transformations and personal growth in the film studios. And Marvel Comic publishers have even offered unlimited downloads of their comic books through their website for $60/year.

How To Maximize The Value Of Your Comics – Comic Book Values-00-1085

  Investments mean putting down your money now for greater returns in the future. With this logic in mind, comic book collections then become a long-term investment. Just ask the old-timers who are selling their collections for three or four digits a set.

Converting them to todays standards, the average comic book values for a collection would cost a few hundred dollars. The pay-off after a few decades could reach ten or even a hundred times their original value. This is definitely worth considering, especially if youre an avid comic book fan.

However, how can you get the most for your buck? How can you earn the most that you can from your collection? How do you maximize the value of your comics? Here are a few ways for you to do just that:

Put a balance between niche and mainstream. Selection of titles to preserve for years to come plays a pretty big role in maximizing the value of your comics. Comics that are too popular will have a large following that will be stockpiling their comics, causing comic book values to stay low since many people have copies readily available. On the other hand, comics that are too niche or small-scale wont have many buyers, and youll be hard-pressed to find someone who wants to buy something that no one really wants.

So if you want to get the most return for your money, choose to store comics that are in between the two extremes: popular enough to warrant an audience, but niche enough that not many would hoard these comics.

Preserve the comics. A zip-lock bag may seem like its good enough to store your comics in the long run, but it sure as hell isnt. Comic book values depend greatly on the condition of the comic: a slight discoloration or crease on the paper will result in its value being cut by more than half of its original value.

As much as possible, try to find copies that are in air-tight containers and dont open them, even when the end of the world comes knocking on your door. Keep these sealed copies out of direct sunlight and in well-ventilated and controlled environments. Specially designed containers designed to preserve important documents are the best option in order to keep your copies in mint-perfect condition.

Monitor the prices. In a way, comic book values function a lot like the stock market: they go up and down with the passage of time. To get the best deal for your collections, you will need to sell your comics at the peak of their demand, before people start to forget about the existence your collection altogether and lose interest in it.

Buying comic book price guides and checking up on the prices on the Internet will allow you to track the prices of your comics. Try to read the trends and if youve got a background in stock analysis, sell when the value is at its best. If youre not an expert in stocks, set realistic comic book values for your collection and wait until the market price hits the mark. Dont make these values too high, though, or you may find yourself waiting for nothing.

MypadMedia Review – Mypadmedia Scam

  MyPadMedia is a service that permits the download of novels, comic books and papers in electronic form. It is aspired specifically at the Apple iPad, but can be used with the iPhone and iPod touching as well. In add on to the obvious convenience of registering subject matter in electronic form or else of leafing through a physical book, the myPadMedia service too keeps open you time and money. myPadMedia is not a subscription service : you will entirely be charged one time, and that defrayment will gentle you to straight out access code to all the e-books that are piece of the myPadMedia service. This is a elaborate myPadMedia review that will hopefully aid you settle whether myPadMedia is a good investiture for you.

eBooks Available on myPadMedia.

The eBooks available for download on myPadMedia are all pop mainstream forms of address, not isolated eBooks that you have ne’er listened of. The eBooks available through myPadMedia cover many genres : best sellers, thrillers, mystery story, romance etc.. Shortly, they are all books that you can unremarkably ask to buy at your local bookstall or on iTunes, but with a vast difference : you entirely pay formerly, and you can translate them all! .

To boot, myPadMedia offers a Brobdingnagian variety of comic books, placing from superheroes to manga, and an evenly expectant reach of papers that are available online.

How myPadMedia Works.

Bringing together the myPadMedia service is real straightforward. You pay a onetime fee of $49.95 and this gives you exclusive access to the myPadMedia fellow members’ country, where you can download one thousands of books, comic books and newsprints in electronic form. You will ne’er be charged once again ; the myPadMedia is NOT a subscription service that will repeatedly placard you. This is why myPadMedia is such a judicious investment funds : for that erstwhile payment, you get limitless life admission to all of the eBooks on the myPadMedia service. If you see that eBooks can be around $15 each, it is not unmanageable to consider that paying $49.95 for inexhaustible approach to all of the myPadMedia message is an exceptionally batch. Compare this to what it would be you to do the same thing with iTunes! If you have been buying e-books on iTunes, myPadMedia is going to be a whole New World for you.

myPadMedia is specially designed for the Apple iPad, but is as well compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touching. This has the obvious advantage of permitting you to read the eBooks on myPadMedia disregarding of where you are. myPadMedia countenances the download of eBooks flat from its servers to your iPad.

myPadMedia is not a peer-to-peer download service and it does not break any constabularies. The eBooks available for download on myPadMedia are full licenced. The intact myPadMedia service is perfectly above board and with fantabulous backing. myPadMedia supplies altogether free backing 24 7. All you have to do is log on and subject your question. You will experience a concise response to your inquiry within a sensible measure of prison term.

Recording books, comic books and newsprints with an Apple iPad has some obvious advantages. You should think of it as the indication equivalent of MP3s and MP3 musicians : you can transport literally thous of books in electronic shape around with you, all written on your iPad. If you are going or going on a long holiday, taking an iPad with you with mess of reading on that certainly crushes transporting boxes full of books around with you. myPadMedia creates all of this possible at an fabulously sensible Leontyne Price.

Another immense vantage of myPadMedia is the downright efficiency with which you can get new claims. You will nevermore have to put up with stores or on line bookstalls that are out of stock. myPadMedia is ne’er out of stock because all of the material is electronic and it is consequently in inexhaustible provision. The benefit of this set-up is vast, and the bigger reader you are, the more you will gain from myPadMedia.

myPadMedia is so positive of the value it gives to its clients that it proffers a full refund within 60 days from when you created the requital. myPadMedia proffers this warranty because they know that you would be sore to opt out of the service when it gives you access to all of its content for the length of your life sentence. As you can considerably think, bookstalls both online and on Main Street are terrorized of myPadMedia and quite a merely do not desire you to know about it.

myPadMedia Review : Conclusion.

myPadMedia is an exciting fresh Cyberspace service that permits the limitless download of literally gs of novels, comic books and newsprints in electronic form. The books and comic books cover all the genres you could possibly need, rating from best sellers, romance, thrillers and everything else in between.

The beauty of myPadMedia is that a individual payment purchases you rank for liveliness : you will never have to piddle another requital again, there are no re-bills, and there are no obscure fees. Regarding the fact that myPadMedia gives you access not precisely to books, but too to comic books and newsprints, that is unbelievable value. If you besides take into account the immense convenience of ne’er having to go to a bookstall, ne’er having to pay for transportation costs and ne’er having to hold off for words of god that are out of stock, we suppose you will find oneself that myPadMedia is the ultimate service for those who enjoy to translate.

We genuinely trust that you found out this myPadMedia review utilitarian. If you utilize myPadMedia and would wish to share your positions, delight reckon penning your ain myPadMedia critical review so that other reviewers can decide whether it is a good service for them. Thank you! .